Create More Inspiring Workspace

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Office desk is a tiny section that you spend the most of time with. You may spend more time on it than on your bed! That sounds depressing but it is a truth. Look around your desk now, what do you see?

Working environment is important. Good workspace should be clean, organized, inspiring, make you more productive and happy to stay in. Adding little decorations to your desk can make your space more personal and fun.

Are you ready to move your desk and chair around?

Step 1: What is Your Style?

Before getting any moves, think about what image you want your office to be like. If you are a professor, accountant or lawyer, your desk should look professional and clean. But if you are designers go ahead with playful stuff.

Imagine what kind of interior you like. A modern minimal style with simplicity or colorful style.

workspaceStep 2: Choose Your Tone

After picturing what kind of office you like, choose mood and tone of your space. What colors you would like to add to your office.

Earth tone like white, beige, tan or taupe is perfect for professional office while bright colors like red, yellow, green or blue work best if you want a cheerful working space.

Step 3: Think About Furniture

You already have a picture of your office in your mind. Next, find furniture that matches your ideas. If you want professionalism to choose dark woods or mahogany. Or you can go with stainless steel, glass top desk, light woods or black and white.

If you feel tight with your workspace, it’s time to change the desk. Try to maximize underutilized areas to create more space under the desk.

Step 4: Comfy Chairs

In case you have to spend most of the time sitting on your chair, at least it should be comfortable. Repetitive Motion Injury is one of the top injuries that happen to office workers. Poor posture can cause severe pain to your muscle. To avoid the injury, choose the right ergonomic office chair that suit you best.

Step 5: Decorate Your Space

Consider what useful things to put on your desk. Try to find unique office accessories instead of having boring stuff.

Change post-it to note holder to keep your notes closer. You can also use it to display your family pictures or quotes that can power you up all day long.

Bring your new mug, you need it every day at your work. Instead of using boring company mug, change it! Find the one that suits your style to hold your booster.

Decorate your writing implements to make your writing more fun. Remember the colorful pen used in your high school? Try it at work to add more fun.

chair decorationStep 6: Add Greenery

Brighten up your office by adding plants on your desk. Some research shows that adding green can increase productivity and creativity. Moreover, some kind of plants can refreshing air in your office.

If you are not good at gardening, don’t worry. There are many kinds of plants that are easy to take care such as cactus, aloe, jade plant, and succulents.