10 Things to Bear in Mind When Hiring Event Staff – Part 1

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Looking to hire staff for your event? Over this post and the next, we’ll be exploring 10 things to consider when hiring event staff through an agency. Event staff are essential for making your life easier, your event run smoother and for the overall satisfaction of everyone involved. When done correctly and with the right optimisation, you can pull off a truly spectacular event without any cause for concern whatsoever.

Many people shy away from the idea out of fear of not being able to find the right staff who appreciate their brand vision, though again, with some careful consideration and the right company you’ll have no issues at all.


1 – What Exactly Do You Need?

In order to get the best results, you’ll need to think carefully about what exactly it is that you’re looking for. What type of event will you be running? Who exactly will you need and what roles will they be carrying out? The more information you provide your event staffing agency with, the better equipped they’ll be for finding the perfect individuals to assist you.

2 – Be Specific

Don’t be afraid of offending anyone – it’s your event and if there’s a specific type of person that you’re looking for to carry out a particular role then go ahead and request them. Don’t by shy! Take full control of your event and make sure that you get what you want – it’s your vision!


3 – Be Open Minded

Availability isn’t always going to be great, which means that you may have to compromise on the odd occasion when it comes to skills and experience. Bear in mind that while someone may be slightly lacking in experience, if they make up for it with etiquette and enthusiasm you could actually be on to a winner. Just have faith in your event staffing agency, they’ll have plenty of experience with people and so if they’re confident that someone will work well with you the odds are that they’re correct – then again, it’s your show, so do as you please.

4 – Staff Assignments May Vary

Remember that you’re dealing with temporary staff, so availability may vary. It can be frustrating, but provided that you place your trust in your staffing agency you shouldn’t have any issues. You may be excited to see a certain individual lined up for your event and then notice that they’re no longer available, relax – you event staffing agency will take care of you!

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5 – Get to Know Your Staff

They may only be temporary, but it’s important to get to know your staff all the same. Understand that everyone is different, so find out what makes them tick, what experiences and skills they have and then you’ll be able to optimise them accordingly. Not only that, but your staff will feel more enthused if they know who you are, what your brand represents and what you want to achieve with the event – they may only be temporary, but so long as they’re working for your event, they’re a part of your brand.

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