5 Unquestionable Benefits of ‘End of Lease Cleaning’ Services

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Being a landlord, you are entirely responsible for your property and its cleanliness before a new tenant moves in. Some people care little, though if you want your tenants to feel right at home when they settle in, then you’ll want to ensure that the property is spotless beforehand.

Now, if you have several properties, a job and a family to take care of on top of that, then it’s likely that you’ll not have time to do a thorough job or at least, not without compromising on your healthy work/life balance. So, instead, we offer an alternative – ‘end of lease cleaning’.

In this post we will explore 5 reasons why you should put the duster down and leave it to the professionals – here’s why:


1 – Your Property Won’t Stand Idle for Long

First impressions, right? Imagine your property is looking rather substandard when potential occupants are viewing it, they’ll likely head elsewhere. Whereas, if you’ve had your property professionally cleaned and they’ve taken the time to polish absolutely every nook and cranny, well then, your property certainly won’t stay unoccupied for long.

2 – Money Saver

Your first thought when it comes to hiring someone to do the cleaning on your behalf is likely that ‘it’s a waste of money’ – However, when you take a step back and ponder it for a moment, you’ll learn that you can actually save money in doing so.

If you’re doing it yourself you’re going to need all the appropriate equipment and a host of cleaning chemicals and supplies (if you want it done correctly that is) – In addition to that, you’ll likely have to time take time off of work in order to dedicate enough time to doing so.

Perhaps you won’t save mountains of money or nothing at all, but at the very least you’ll break evens without breaking a sweat. 


3 – Zero Complaints

You’re always guaranteed to come across that one fuss-arse who found a little bit of dust on a doorframe. Well, with a professional cleaning service you won’t have to worry as they’ll go through your property from top to bottom with a fine-tooth comb. 

4 – More Time for You

Being a landlord can be time-consuming, it’s just all part and parcel, which is exactly why you should look to save yourself some time wherever possible (without compromising your tenant’s happiness and satisfaction of course) – So, by investing in a high calibre cleaning service you’ll afford yourself more time to spend with your friends and family.

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5 – Highest Possible Standard

We’ve no doubt that you’re pretty darn good at cleaning, though we can guarantee that you’re not half as good as the professionals. When you go through the domestic professionals they will deliver the highest possible standard of service, cleaning your property thoroughly and effectively. This is essential if you take pride in delivering a high level of service yourself – wow your tenants and guarantee their satisfaction by presenting them with a professionally cleaned property.