How to Add Antique Furniture to a Modern House and Make it Work

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Modern livingroom with antiquesSo, you bought that lovely old coffee table at a knockdown price from that boot fair last weekend… Now how will you make it blend into your new home?  

There are masses of beautiful old pieces of furniture out there at bargain prices, just take a look at ‘Gumtree’ or any of the other myriad of web sites plying peoples wares. They are in the thrift and charity shops, the antique emporiums and in the classified ads of our free press papers. 

We have compiled five tips to help you find a balance for combining the old with the new in your home. 

Leave walls clean and uncluttered 

Never have too much going on. Use the clear canvas of your walls too, for the want of a better phrase, showcase treasured items. Make them focal points for guests’ eyes to fall on when they enter the room.  

The last thing that you need to have is a mixture of periods and styles competing for space. 

.. And remember, good art goes with absolutely anything. 

Re-cover antique headboards and chairs in modern prints or classic fabrics 

Breathe new life into antique dinner table in dark timber by twining it with newly upholstered seats, in a statement fabric or colour. Quality linens will always give you an effortlessly classy look and help blend any periods successfully. 

Bold pin strips will always work wonders. 

Bring old furniture up to date with bleaches, stains and waxes 

Bleaching something like an old Victorian mahogany table will give you a far softer look Or there again, you could give it a far more dramatic appearance with a dramatic Black Japan finish. 

They do say that now day’s, old fashioned deep redwoods are no longer the thing. So, why not just go ahead and change the colour. 

Maybe take a course in marbling and graining or French polishing It is a great way to hone your skills and it will be a lot of fun too! 

Balance classic pieces with contemporary art and lighting 

Elegant room with antique furniture home interior

It is all a question of balance and making things blend. Be creative and keep trying combinations until you get the right look and feel for your home. Just trust your instincts; if it looks right, then it will be right. Create an ambience for yourself. 

Modify and freshen up old items of furniture 

Why not freshen up an old sideboard or any other cherished flat top item with a new marble top. Or maybe turn grannie’s nasty old peddle, sowing stand, into an occasional table? 

If you have some practical skills, tools and a bit of space, then you can get real value out of an incredibly worthwhile hobby. Antiques are not difficult to renovate or adapt when you know-how.  

With thousands of Youtube videos out there to help you, the time learnt secrets of the restores art are now out there for everyone to learn.