The Benefits of a Road trip into the Great Outdoors

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Are you and your friends or family looking to make the most of your holiday this year? Perhaps you’re looking to save a bit of money and would prefer not to fork out thousands on flights abroad, and would instead prefer a local adventure? Then by the end of this article, you’re going tow ant to do it all the more. We’re going to explore the benefits of taking a road trip into the great outdoors, and what you can do to make it even better!

1 – Fresh air

Tired of being in the city with all of the pollution? Well, get outside and drive out to the sticks where you can enjoy some fresh air. This is great for your health, both physically and mentally, plus it just feels pretty darn amazing.

2 – The social aspect

Is there anything better than sitting in your 4×4 with your favourite people, singing your favourite songs and cruising along into the sunset? Nope! Sharing an adventure with our loved ones is a great for socialising and building stronger bonds and fonder relationships. Sharing those memories is a sweet thing indeed.

3 – Plenty of exercise

Getting outdoors will be a great source of exercise. Thing of all of the climbing and swimming that you’re going to be doing. Collecting firewood for when you set up camp of an evening. Playing sports during the day and rolling around in the grass. Being outdoors allows you to reconnect with nature and to set your inner-child free. So be free! Enjoy it while you can, because before long, you’ll be back in the office, dreaming of days past.

4 – Sunshine is a happy drug

It’s a known fact that getting vitamin D makes you happy! The serotonin that is released is a happy hormone which boosts your mood and banishes the stress of every-day life.

5 – Get the blood pumping

A camping adventure is great for your heart! Not only should you be getting plenty of cardio, but the ghost stories being shared around the fire of an evening might get your heart racing as well!

6 – Feed your imagination

Camping gives you a great opportunity to make up and play silly games with your friends. This can only feed your imagination, which is a massively underutilised tool today. So, get creative and have an inspired and exciting adventure with your friends. Play games and laugh until you cry! It’s all about enjoying the here and now, so paint yourself with plenty of colour and it will translate wonderfully into your day-to-day life when you return to work, energised.

7 – Eat hearty

A fridge slide from MSA 4×4 gives you the perfect opportunity to stock up on plenty of fresh ingredients (and beer) so that you can eat hearty and healthy, every night. There’s something really rather special about enjoying a feast around a campfire that you and your friends built. So, find some healthy recipes, fill up your fridge, and feast like Kings and Queens!


Of course, these are just a mere handful of the benefits that come from having an adventure with your loved ones. So, book the time off, pack up the 4×4, turn off your phone’s and don’t look back!