Everything You Need for the Perfect Beach BBQ

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Who doesn’t love a BBQ on the beach? There’s nothing better than splashing around in the ocean and knackering yourself out, before settling down in the sun to enjoy a delicious, BBQ meal! But what can you do to ensure that you have the perfect BBQ session? Well, first of all you should ensure that you’re definitely allowed to BBQ at the particular spot! Certain beaches might not allow it, so double check ahead of time and save yourself the trouble.

1 – Find an awesome BBQ

Disposable BBQ’s can generally do the trick, however, there’s nothing better than having a large, portable BBQ that can comfortably feed a large group of you. Of course, you don’t want to go too large and have to struggle with seven of you getting the BBQ down to the beach!

2 – Bring a truckload of meat!

Of course, no BBQ is complete without all of the delicious meats! But just make sure that you have something in place to keep your meat cool. Generally, a cool box would do the trick, however, why not bring a fridge instead? I know that sounds crazy, but if you own a 4×4, you can have a fridge installed in the boot!!! That’s right, and you can buy the best fridge slides online. That way, you can keep all of your meat cold and fresh, including your veggies and condiments too!

3 – Bring plenty of sides & snacks

Obviously, when cooking a BBQ, it’s impossible to feed everyone all at once while you’re cooking everything up. So, it’s important to bring plenty of sides & snacks for the meantime. Grab some potato salad, plenty of crisps, fruit and any other fun snacks that you might want!

4 – Try not to fuss too much

You don’t want to over complicate your BBQ too much! Sure, it would be nice to have deck chairs, tables, cutlery and plates. However, sometimes keeping it simple really is the best way. Of course, if you have the room you can bring what you like! For example, a roof rack or drawer system from MSA 4×4 Accessories would provide you with plenty of room for supplies. Just try not to overcomplicate it!

5 – Pack plenty of beer!

This is one of the benefits of having a fridge slide in your 4×4! You can stock the car up with plenty of beer and keep it nice and iced cold! Perfect. Of course, be careful not to drink and drive. Either ensure that there’s a designated driver or bring all of your camping gear so that you can all spend the night in a safe spot.


Nobody likes a litterbug! It’s important to have fun and make as much mess as you like, but you better clean up after yourselves! Bring plenty of garbage bags and don’t leave without the site being in the same condition as you found it. Take care of your environment!