Why You Should Prune Your Tree Before It Becomes a Hazard

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How many trees do you have on your property? Do you remember the last time that you did any maintenance work on them? When was the last time you inspected them to ensure that they’re entirely healthy and free of disease? If the answer is: “I’ve no idea,” then it’s high time that you hire your local arborist to run some checks!

The fact is, trees are incredibly valuable to us—not just for the way in which they oxygenate our environment, but how beautiful they look as well. There are simply so many benefits to caring for them, and one of the most important things that you can do to maintain them is pruning. But why? Largely because you need to prune your tree before it becomes a hazard!

1 – Promote Strong Future Growth

Trees that are never pruned and otherwise left to their own devices can grow unruly. But in addition to that, they can also become a danger to themselves over time. For example, dead and dying branches can become susceptible to certain diseases and it left unchecked, can spread throughout the tree causing it to die. And an unruly canopy can block sunlight, thus preventing the tree from getting all of the sunlight that it needs to grow strong and tall. In a nutshell, pruning a tree is an essential part of its overall health.

2 – An Unpruned Tree Can Interfere with Power Cables

Another great benefit of pruning a tree is keeping the branches from veering off to far and interfering with power lines. This can pose a serious hazard to both you, your family and the rest of the people on your street. As such, it is important that you prune your tree regularly and keep it at a safe distance from anywhere that it might pose a threat.

3 – Dead Branches Can Fall

Dead and dying branches can pose a serious threat to your family, as they’re more likely to fall. The last thing you need is for your children to be playing underneath the tree, only to have a large, dead branch fall on them, seriously injuring them. In addition to that, they could also climb the tree unsupervised and step on the wrong branch, causing them to fall out and break a bone. You can, however, prevent this from ever happening by pruning the tree, doing away with the weak and dying branches and keeping it strong and healthy.

Hire the Professionals

There is a fine art to pruning, so don’t be ashamed to hire tree lopping services to assist you. In fact, it is almost certainly the best option for you. Don’t worry, they won’t come and chop the whole thing down! Instead, they can carefully tend to your tree, pruning the dead and dying branches, shaping your tree into a beautiful and healthy-looking part of your natural landscape.