How Much Weight Can Aluminium Ramps Hold?

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How much weight can aluminium ramps hold? It’s a difficult question to answer without knowing which specific manufacturer, or what the purpose of your aluminium ramps is. For example, if you are using aluminium ramps for disabled access in a minivan, then you’re looking at an average of 300lbs. However, if you are using aluminium ramps to load heavy machinery onto a truck or an ATV, then the weight limit will be considerably higher.

Here are the main 3 types of aluminium ramp for ATV’s:

  • Dual-Runner – Dual-runner is the most common type of aluminium ramp. It is two individual ramps that are spaced apart, typically lining up with the wheels of said heavy machinery.
  • Bifold – Bifold ramps are single-piece ramps which fold into one. These are generally large enough to hold a dirt bike.
  • Trifold – Trifold ramps are much larger and tend to cover the back of the ATV with a few inches to spare.

Once you know the type of ramp that will be best suited to your needs and requirements, you can start homing in on the weight capacity.

Key Features to Look

Weight Capacity of a ramp is the most important spec. Large weight capacities are necessary when loading heavier equipment, though most loading ramps will be able to handle an average ATV or smaller.

Ramp Width

The surface area on the ramp will certainly influence how much grip the tyres of whatever you are lading will have during the loading process. The wider the ramp the more surface area you will have which is of course better suited to four wheelers and other heavier equipment that you cannot push absent assistance.

Mount Connection

This is a vital part of a ramp which dictates how the ramp in question is attached. How secure the ramp is will determine how safe the loading process will be. These are just as important as having a ramp that is strong enough to hold the weight; if the attachments are not good enough, the ramps will fail.

This should give you an idea as to what style of ramp you need to go for. Aussie aluminium ramps are the best way forward. You’ll be buying a local product from reputable manufacturers.

Which Can Hold More Weight, Steel or Aluminium?

When compared with steel ramps, aluminium cannot hold quite as much weight. However, there are many great benefits to choosing aluminium. These far outweigh the one negative (pun intended), which is bearing slightly less weight.

Aluminium on the other hand, is much more light-weight and easier to transport. They’re also durable and malleable, thus making them less prone to snapping underweight. For example, steel ramps might be able to hold more weight, but if you get it wrong then you’re going to be in a lot of trouble when the ramp snaps. However, aluminium will give you a bit of wiggle room should you be trying to load something that is a bit too heavy, and the aluminium will bend with the weight.

Aluminium ramps are thus better suited to loading things like Quadbikes or Dirt bikes, where steel is favoured for the heavier equipment.


Again, it is difficult to determine exactly how much weight aluminium ramps can handle when there are so many different varieties. Naturally, when you order a specific aluminium ramp, it will be designed and manufactured to hold the desired weight. Thus, if you are loading heavy equipment, don’t go investing in lightweight loading ramps that have been designed for dirt bikes and other smaller vehicles.

Find a reputable company like SureWeld and consult the professionals. Let them know what you intend to be loading, and they will recommend the appropriate type of ramp for you with the desired weight capacity.