Bathroom Renovation and Functional Designs

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Some people do not see the importance of having a comfortable bathroom. It is a place where you are vulnerable and very private. People spend a weekly average of 42 minutes to an hour in the bathroom. Most people spend more time in the bathroom than in the gym working out.

It is not surprising that many people would like to have a bathroom they actually like both in design and comfort.

Here are a few exciting ideas to help design a bathroom according to different people’s specific needs and function.

  1. One-way glass bathroom. If you love nature and would love to bathe surrounded by green trees, but does not love the bugs and peeping toms, a one-way glass bathroom is the answer. This type of bathroom will give you the feel of being surrounded by nature minus the unwanted insects and prowling eyes. You will be able to see what is outside, but no one outside can see you. That is the beauty of the one-way glass; it works just like the one-way mirror.
  2. Roofless bathroom. If you are living in an area where air is fresh and clean without experiencing winter, a roofless bathroom will be perfect to enjoy the breeze white taking a shower. The sky will be clear at night and it will be an amazing view of the stars twinkling above. This type of bathroom is not recommended for areas where there is high pollution i.e. in the city, or areas that get the winter season. It will be too cold and you will have no barrier between your naked self and the harsh weather. But if you still would like to have this non traditional bathroom type in the non recommended areas, a remote controlled removable roof can be installed. You will be able to enjoy the breeze in the spring and summer, and be well protected from snow and rain when the weather gets harsh.
  3. TV and game room bathroom. If you cannot miss your favorite soap opera or you would like to keep up with current events even when you are doing your business, a flat screen TV can be installed to keep you up to date at all times. If you are one of those people who get bored just sitting in the toilet, the bathroom can also be transformed into a game room complete with your favorite games and game controllers less than an arm’s length. There is no point in just being bored while you are enjoying your vulnerable time in the privacy of your bathroom.
  4. Themed bathroom. If you would rather have a bathroom that expresses and shows your personality then you can just choose a specific theme to design it.

Just like any other design project, picking out how your bathroom will turn out is an exciting feat. Regardless, it’s always better to take these ideas and collaborate with the professionals to ensure that everything is done to standards.