Why you should have microsoft excel skills on your resume

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So, you’re applying for an office job! Your first mode of contact with your prospective employer is your resume, accompanied by your application letter. Your resume must be impressive enough to show why you should be hired for the position you’re applying for.

Besides enumerating your work experiences, professional summary, education and language proficiency, highlighting your skills will increase your chances of being called for an interview and, ultimately, getting the job. These skills may include soft skills, like critical thinking, teamwork and time management, and technical skills like the ability to use the Microsoft Office suite.

You know how to use Microsoft Word but not Microsoft Excel. You believe that the knowledge of using Excel in preparing worksheets and charts will enhance your employability. Excel will enable you to organize and interpret information more easily since it is a spreadsheet program that enables users to organize large amounts of data, sort and filter lists, track numbers, create formulas, perform calculations, develop graphs and charts, and much, much more.

If you learn how to use Microsoft Excel prior to job hunting, you might have a leg up on other candidates who aren’t familiar with the software program. Many businesses and organizations seek candidates with strong organization and analysis skills – and if you know Microsoft Excel, employers may see you as a valuable asset who can perform tasks efficiently.

It also shows an employer you’ve mastered an important software application, and that you may be willing to learn additional skills to support the business. Excel skills can be a great boost to your career.

How to get the necessary Excel training in a short time? An onsite Excel training may be for you. It will be more preferable to an online one since you can follow directly what the trainer is demonstrating, ask questions, ask for a repeat, get feedback on your practice work, correct your work, interact directly with the trainer and get a hands-on experience of using Excel. If a one-on-one onsite Excel training is a possibility, this will save you time and enable you to learn the Excel skills that you need, especially customized for you. An onsite Excel training that is hands-on will also enable you to learn fast.

During the onsite Excel training, you will learn the following Excel basic skills:

  1. Creating a worksheet and saving it
  2. Entering cell values and labels
  3. Editing, clearing, copying, inserting, deleting, finding, replacing, and correcting cell contents using autocorrect
  4. Modifying a worksheet
  5. Using formulas
  6. Using functions (AUTOSUM, COUNT, MAX, MIN, average functions)
  7. Modifying page layout (formatting numbers, text, rows and columns)
  8. Printing and publishing documents
  9. Creating a chart.

Look for a training organization near your place that provides hands-on onsite Excel training one-on-one, if this is the one you prefer. Or you can join an onsite Excel training for small groups, if this is available. Between the two options, however, a one-on-one onsite Excel training will be the fast track one. The training must be tailored to your needs. Trainers have to be certified, with many years of experience. The training fee should be reasonable.

Microsoft Excel makes it much easier to interpret numbers and information which are necessary if you will be working in finance or accounting.

Excel skills are also essential for business analysts, administrative assistants, marketing managers and project managers. Whatever job you will be doing, you can be sure that your Excel skills will be useful. So, get that training now!