What is the difference between commercial and industrial painting?

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What is the difference between commercial and industrial painting? What key differences separate them at why are they important? In this article we are going to explore both in depth and identify the key differences so that you can decide which is the most appropriate for you and your business.


What does commercial painting mean?

What does commercial painting mean? In a nutshell, it refers to the painting of commercial buildings, such as offices, retail stores, shopping malls, and any other customer-facing, business-driven establishments.

But of course, there is much more to commercial painting than the situation. When painting a commercial building you also have to take many factors into consideration that are different from standard residential painting or industrial painting.

For example, in commercial painting, colour psychology is important. When painting a bedroom, you don’t really need to give the colour all that much thought. Whoever’s bedroom it is picks their favourite colour and that pretty much settles it. Commercial painting on the other hand, being customer-facing, requires a little more thought and consideration. To elaborate, here are 10 colours and the type of feelings that they evoke:

  • Red: Red is the colour of power and is great at grabbing and holding attention
  • Blue: Blue is a trustworthy colour that evokes feeling of calm
  • Pink: Pink is fun, frilly, and typically used to attract the female demographic
  • Yellow: Yellow is powerful and confident
  • Green: Green is an earthy and inviting colour that evokes feelings of health and goodwill. That, and it is the colour of money
  • Purple: Purple is a royal colour that breathes elegance
  • Gold: Gold is the colour of pedigree which when mixed with greens or purples can be unstoppable
  • Orange: Orange is energetic and fun
  • Brown: Brown is earthy and comforting
  • Black: Black is versatile and dramatic and can be used for many applications

How does commercial painting compare to industrial?

Industrial painting on the other hand is always behind the scenes, so colour psychology is far less important (though still may be a consideration in a factory setting to promote hard work and an energised workforce).

The more important thing however, for industrial painting, is longevity, durability, and other similar factors. Many industrial settings have dangerous substances, such as all manner of chemicals. In addition to that, an industrial setting might go through extreme temperature changes. This is why it is important that an industrial building has been conditioned properly and has a suitable type of paint that can withstand the environment that it is in. For example, using the typical type of paint that you would use to paint a baby’s bedroom isn’t going to fare particularly well in a blacksmiths workshop!

Is commercial painting essential?

Absolutely! Whether you are in an office that doesn’t get much in the way of customer traffic, or a customer-facing storefront, you need to have a quality paint job that is going to make a difference! Using a reputable company like platinum3painting is far preferable to having to paint your entire shopfront by yourself. Hire the professionals and focus on what you do best.

Take a drab and uninspiring office as an example. Who wants to work in a boring building with grey, blemished walls and little in the way of colour? Nobody! Commercial painting is an essential part of motivating and inspiring your team to enjoy their work.

And as mentioned above, a customer-facing establishment that gets a lot of foot traffic should take commercial painting incredibly seriously if they want to use the power of colour psychology to influence their customers and increase profits.

Appearances are everything! As much as we are taught as children to never judge a book by its cover, people always do.

Why do you need a commercial painter?

There are many benefits to hiring a commercial painter. Commercial painters are crucial if you want to have the best looking finish in your establishment. They can help you transform your space with a flawless finish, one that is designed to last. Skimping on something like your paint job will likely only result in you needing to have your entire establishment repainting far sooner that is necessary.