UK Energy Crisis: How Expensive is it to Get My Boiler Checked Before Winter?

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Boiler Checked

There is no denying that times are hard right now. What with the gargantuan hike in energy prices – among rising inflation with seemingly no end in sight – now more than ever it is important to watch every penny. 

To add insult to injury, our leaders are advising that we invest in a new kettle to save £10 a year on our electricity bills. It’s safe to say that such advice is woefully insulting if nothing else. 

In any case, if you are struggling financially and you fear for what the coming months may bring, this is the article for you. We won’t patronise you with empty tips on how wearing three layers of clothing around the house can help you save a pretty penny – but instead offer some genuine advice on how best to prepare for the winter. 

For example: amidst the UK energy crisis, is it expensive to get your boiler checked before winter? Should you save your money and skip it altogether? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Is it expensive to get your boiler checked? 

Boiler Checked

In honesty, everything in the UK seems to be expensive right now – and prices are only likely to rise as businesses try to remain afloat. However, when you couple the labour and expertise involved with checking and servicing a boiler with the peace of mind that it can bring, it isn’t all that expensive at all. 

The real question should be: is it expensive not to bother having your boiler checked? And the answer is – potentially very much so. 

We wholeheartedly understand the desire to try and save every penny where possible, but when it comes to something as important as your boiler – particularly when approaching what is likely to be a very cold winter – you must give it some careful consideration before making your final decision. 

In a time where energy costs are at record highs in the UK, ensuring that your utilities are working at maximum efficiency has never been more important. 

The fact is, your boiler could have some underlying issues right now, that if left unchecked, may end up costing you far more in the long run. It is not uncommon for boilers to fall into disrepair and become inefficient, thus taking longer to heat your home effectively – at a great financial expense. 

On the other hand, you must consider the risks involved with allowing a faulty system to continue running unchecked. What might be minor issues with easy and affordable resolutions right now could all too easily escalate into far more serious – and thus expensive – problems. 

So, is it expensive to get your boiler checked? While it isn’t cheap, the alternative could be potentially devastating. 

Now is as cheap as boiler servicing will be for quite some time 

Boiler Checked

Again, many businesses are struggling to remain afloat right now and we are due to see a large rise in prices to counteract that. That’s economics 101. As such, right now is arguably the best time to have your boiler checked by a reputable company, like 0800 HomeFix in Richmond Upon Thames; before the winter. 

As time goes on, prices will rise, and during the winter months’ boiler servicing will be in even higher demand – not to mention emergency callouts and repairs. 

Consider having your boiler checked and serviced now in advance as an investment. Not only can it bring you the peace of mind that you’ll need to get through the winter as cost-effectively as possible in regards to your heating efficiency and consumption, but it can help you to avoid a potential boiler breakdown – which would be disastrous.

In the event of a boiler breakdown, not only will you need to pay an emergency callout fee, but the cost of parts and labour will be higher as well. All of these risks can be mitigated entirely by investing in a pre-emptive boiler check and service today. 


These are trying times and making every penny count is important. Just remember that one of the best tactics for saving your money is by taking preventative measures; investing wisely and ensuring that your household utilities are working optimally. 

Best case scenario: your boiler is working well and requires little in the way of maintenance; second best case scenario is your heating engineer spots a few minor errors that must be rectified before they get worse; worst case scenario: you skip the service altogether, hope for the best, and find yourself waking up to a broken boiler in the height of winter. 

The purpose of this article is not to put the fear into anyone, but to highlight the real risks involved with skipping your annual boiler servicing in favour of saving money. It could very well end up costing you much more in the long run.