How can I decorate my kitchen to look expensive? What adds value to a kitchen? What colours make a kitchen look bigger?

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The kitchen is well known as the heart of the home, the centre of activity, a place for socialisation, and arguably the most important room for potential buyers to focus on when looking at your property. If you are considering selling your home, or are looking to carry out renovations that will have the biggest future impact, making changes in the kitchen should always be your first priority. 

Read on to discover small and bigger ways that you can improve your kitchen and really add value to your home now and in the future…

How can I decorate my kitchen to look expensive?

Many homeowners believe it is a fantasy that you could make your kitchen look expensive without having to spend a fortune to get there. And yet with a few clever changes, it is a very real possibility. There are several tips, tricks, and sensible investments that can add value to both the look and the price of your home. All without breaking the bank. 

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Some of the best ways to make your kitchen look more expensive include:

  • A fresh coat of paint – painting is one of the best and cheapest ways to make your kitchen look as good as new without having to pay out large sums. The right paint colour can make a room look elegant or cosy, calming or lively, and yes, even more expensive.
  • Change the cabinet doors – while you can absolutely upgrade your kitchen with a fantastic new set of cabinets, furniture, and appliances, you can make a big impact by replacing only the doors. 
  • Swap out your door pulls – as well as the doors themselves, you can also change the handles on your drawers and cabinets to make your kitchen look classier and more expensive.
  • Decant everything you can – nothing cheapens the look of a kitchen like a load of unsightly cardboard boxes and other packaging. Purchase some elegant containers to store your items in style and see how much better the room looks.
  • Change up the lighting – standard kitchen lighting can be a little glaring and can make the room look less appealing. Try recessed lighting, and different fixtures, and even place lamps around instead. Pricier fixtures including chandeliers can provide real value, and the end result will be well worth the investment.
  • Add small luxurious touches – picking a more stylish tap or sink, adding some gold or brass, or picking out a dazzling finish to your countertops can add a great deal of elegance and class to your kitchen. Try it and see how a little splash of luxury goes a long way.

What adds value to a kitchen?

One big way to add value to your kitchen is to make it look more appealing to potential buyers, while actual physical renovations can add more value still. You can hire an interior designer to give you a whole new kitchen, or you can make smaller or bigger changes that can still have a massive impact. 

The layout of your kitchen is one key aspect that people will focus on, and perfecting this can be hugely effective in adding value. Installing an island or breakfast bar, for instance, allows you to utilise the space well, and can be appealing to potential buyers. If you have the money and the layout of your property allows it, consider a kitchen extension to really add value to your home.

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As for the changes you make inside your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with adding more storage space – the more the better. Consider adding cleverly hidden storage options both higher up and lower down throughout the room if you can.

Upgrading your worktops can add a great deal of value, particularly if you choose a popular or timeless material like granite or quartz. Cheaper-looking or older worktops can make your kitchen look correspondingly old and less appealing, so changing these is a quick and effective way to add value to this room.

Replacing or upgrading your entire kitchen is, of course, a big way that you can add value and really draw in the buyers. But, it can involve spending money to make money. If you don’t want to shell out for an all-new kitchen set, instead try changing up the cabinet doors. Give them a fresh new face, and see how much that can improve the look of your kitchen.

One of the best ways to add value to your kitchen is simply to make it look like it is worth more. This can mean installing an expensive-looking light fixture, adding some decorative touches like pieces of artwork, or ensuring that your appliances look shiny and new. Finally, painting your kitchen is a fantastic way to add value, giving your kitchen a makeover that is sure to impress.

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What colours make a kitchen look bigger?

One of the best ways to make your kitchen look bigger is undoubtedly to give it a fresh coat of paint. In general, darker colours make a room look smaller and cosier, while lighter, reflective, and even neutral colours can make it look bigger. You can also use mirrors to give the illusion of more space, as well as create more room by choosing smaller appliances and keeping your surfaces clear.

Some of the best colours you can choose are:

  • White
  • Light Grey
  • Off-whites
  • Pale Blue
  • Light Green
  • Soft Yellow
  • Pale Taupe

Matching any of these lighter, reflective colours with the right lighting and you will soon have your kitchen looking and feeling bigger. 

Final thoughts

As the beating heart of the house, your kitchen is the most important room, and it deserves the most attention and effort. This is doubly true if you are considering selling your home now or in the future, as adding value here can make a huge impact on your house price and appeal. 

You can actually add value without having to buy a whole new kitchen set and all new appliances, though these can be a terrific investment as well. Consider changing up your cabinet doors, trying a new light fixture, and seeing how much of a difference the right paint colour can make. You will soon have a bigger, more expensive-looking kitchen. Just what you need at the heart of your home.