How Regularly Should You Replace Your Fascia’s?

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The Fascia on your home are one of the most important aspects of your property, and yet they’re something we tend to neglect all too often. They keep the roof protected and prevent water and condensation from entering our homes, thus leading to damp and mould and all manner of nasty issues. Simply put, without your fascia’s you’d have an absolute nightmare with your home.

The trouble is that we tend not to notice them, which is why many people are ignorant to what function they serve all together, let alone know when to replace them! In this post we will explore a few tell tale signs so that you can be ready and prepared for when its time to think about replacing old fascia’s.

1 – Soft wood / holes or rotten areas

2 – Flaying paint

3 – Any evidence of vermin (This can lead to pests nesting in your roof and attic area which is not something you want to contend with)

4 – Any evidence of asbestos (Particularly in older properties)

5 – Signs of leaking and dampness (This can lead to significant mould build up which can not only be detrimental to your health and that of your family, but the structural integrity of your property)

6 – Poor ventilation

When is it Worth Replacing Them?

To be quite honest, if you’ve noticed any of the above in your fascia, then it’s probably high-time that you consider having them replaced all together. If you get your current fascia and guttering replaced for a new, and high quality upgrade then you likely won’t have to worry about replacing them again for some time.

Obviously, if and when you do get them replaced it is important that you regularly clean and maintain them in order to avoid having to replace them too early the next time round. If you’ve recently purchased an older property, then you should definitely consider having them inspected at the very least. You can’t tell for certain how well they were maintained by the previous home owner and after several years of neglect, it can lead to some serious issues – Everything might seem fine for the time being, though it can all too easily go down hill before you realise it.

Avoid DIY

Unless of course, you’re a professional tradesman, we wouldn’t recognise trying to replace them on your own. Cleaning them regularly is something that you can do by yourself, but even then, you’re better off hiring a professional to ensure your safety and that it is done thoroughly. But coming back to replacing your fascia, you should consider hiring a reputable company like Absolute Gutters, who can guarantee that the job will be done correctly. The last thing you want is to spend ages doing it yourself, only to find out that you’ve made a mistake which can lead to even more unnecessary damage to your property – don’t take any chances and get it done the right way.