5 Reasons Why Protective Gloves Are Essential in the Workplace

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Too many times have we heard about a friend of a friend having a finger torn off or losing the tip because they weren’t wearing safety gloves in the workplace, or that they were showing off and being careless. Just the thought of it makes us cringe! In this post we are going to explore why safety gloves are so massively important in the workplace and what they offer protection against.

 1 – Nasty Chemicals and Dangerous Biohazards


When handling chemicals of any nature you should be wearing protective gloves, it’s as simple as that! Unless you want to burn through your fingers with acid, irritate the skin or worse, rub them into your eyes and quite easily blind yourself, then there’s no excuse not to. There are so many dangerous and corrosive chemicals which can cause life-altering (and in many cases) life-threatening problems! Do not take that risk! With a reliable and quality glove supplier, you should never be in a situation where you’re handling chemicals without a pair of gloves to protect you.


2 – Deep Cuts or Punctures

Particularly if you work in the construction industry or if you handle heavy equipment, protective gloves can offer significant protection against cuts, abrasions and punctures. Of course, depending on how risky and dangerous the work is that you’re doing, will determine what type of protective glove you will need to purchase – though you should never enter the building site without a pair to keep your hands safe from harm.


3 – The Bitter Cold and the Excruciatingly Hot

Protective gloves can also keep you safe from the elements! So, if you’re working on a bitter winter evening, or if you’re handling any items or substances which are excruciatingly hot, glove up and keep your digits well and truly safe from the elements!

4 – Heavy Impact Injuries and Persistent Vibrations


Ever felt that numb, tingling sensation in your hand after operating a power drill or smashing away at a wall with a sledgehammer? After a great deal of exposure, it can have a detrimental effect on your hands, so make sure that you have adequate impact protection for your hands. High-quality gloves will dampen and absorb much of the impact, allowing you to work at your optimum for longer without your poor hands going numb or hurting.


5 – They’ll Give you Confidence

A gardener without gloves isn’t going to perform as well or as efficiently as one without. Wearing protective gloves in any scenario will give you the confidence to work faster and more efficiently without fear of inflicting any unnecessary injuries on yourself.

Particularly if you’re an employer, you should always ensure that you have plenty of protective gloves and equipment on-site for your staff at all times. And in the same breath, if you’re an employee and you’ve not to be provided with some, speak to your manager directly and request them – you should never be forced to put yourself at risk for the sake of completing a task. Simply put, refuse until you have the appropriate level of protection, as that is your right.